thumbsUp Remote Control Real Wax LED Candles

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Make date nights and dinner parties a breeze for your customers, by giving them a safe and simple alternative to candles that creates ambience in an instant. In a mere click of a button, these beautiful wax finished candles will set the mood. As the flickering LED light glows through the candles, it’s hard to believe they aren’t real!

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The ingenious LED Candle is the coolest and safest way ever to create atmospheric mood lighting throughout your home and garden.

These fantastic candles are almost identical to real white candles but they are lit by a battery powered internal LED, so there is no danger of burning your fingers or setting your soft furnishings alight when using them.

This makes them perfect for locations where a real flame would be impractical or dangerous, such as outdoors when it is windy, or on window ledges close to curtains or nets.

They are ideal for setting the right mood, as a centerpiece of a table during a romantic dinner for example, round the side of the bathtub to enhance a relaxing soak, or lining the garden path as that summer barbeque stretches into the night.

They are ultra realistic with a great wax finish and flame flicker effect, so nobody will know they are not real candles unless you tell them.

The stylish modern round designed candles come with two per pack and are operated by remote control, which means if you suffer a power cut you won’t have to go around searching for matches or a lighter, just hit the remote and there will be light.

Weight .28 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 15 cm