thumbsUp Dual Sim Case for iPhone 5

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Empower your customers to juggle their busy lives, with a dual SIM case for iPhone 5 that combines two phones in one. Slot regular or nano SIMs in the back, and use the manual switch to flick between the two in seconds. A great phone case for high flyers and travellers who want more magic from their iPhone.

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No more changing SIM cards for business or travel: now you can use 2 SIMs in the same phone – simply flick the switch at the back of the case to change from SIM 1 to SIM 2.

The case is an ideal way to save money and time while travelling for business or pleasure. Use a local SIM for calls, data and SMS to save money on extortionate roaming charges, while still being able to easily access your messages and contacts on your regular number.

This simple travel solution eliminates the need to dismantle phone to change SIM cards. The case accepts regular or nano SIM cards and there is no need for any software installation. Just place the 2 SIM Cards inside the protective case and attach it to your phone!

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Dimensions 10.7 x 2.2 x 16.9 cm

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